WinADay Casino's Unique Progressive Jackpot - Bring On The Action!

Mar. 20, 2015

There is an interesting trend going on at the WinADay Online casino website that will be covered in a minute, but for those who are unfamiliar with this unique casino operator, they may wish to know a bit more in advance as to what kind of bonuses they have on offer for the regular player.

Firstly WinADay players have the opportunity to interact with other players on the website and they can also receive special bonuses through Facebook. This is something not all casinos are doing, in spite of Facebook popularity.

They have special "Game Of The Month" bonuses including a chance for players to participate in a free draw. Here the top prize paid the following month is $500, and if a VIP, this prize doubles to $1000. There are also random bonuses that are paid out daily, and all new players can expect a generous deposit bonus, as a thank you for coming to join in the action.

Joining in the action is exactly what Allison P. did back in 2012 playing her favorite games for fun. Little was she to realize just 3 years later, she would strike it rich playing one of her favourites, and pick up a cool $205,200 on one spin of the reels. Just by playing WinADay's popular Chinatown Slots game.

Here is something to pay attention to for all serious progressive jackpot players trying to chase the million dollar payouts. This is not hype but pure fact.

At WinADay they have something considered quite unique as online casinos go. Most of their instant play slot games are fed through to one progressive jackpot. Understand what this means?

It means that these jackpots get hit rather frequently, far more frequently than all the other progressive jackpots that are networked through hundreds of other casinos for players to participate in, playing for a jackpot in the millions. Does this make sense?

At WinADay, keeping their progressive jackpot in house and players constantly winning, the jackpot doesn't normally increase much beyond $150,000 and it's only gone over $200,000 just three times. But what the heck, who in their right mind would complain? The word is getting out on this little secret as more and more people are seeing what they have been missing out on. Who out there, wants to be next to claim the big prize?