Now you can be the smart player with this esports betting guide

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By 2015, the online casino market was estimated to be worth more than $40 billion, a significant rise since it was opened during the late 90s. The betting industry of course is much bigger and the online market is just one part of it. This industry generates billions yearly and only a small fraction of this will be yours, yet it's good to be aware what you are playing against.

Gambling is an industry that's always improving and changing. It first started from the shift of track betting, where men were shouting odds, to gambling shops, where pens and slips dominated the order. Then, the online platform was introduced to bettors, making it more convenient and accessible. From there, the world saw the development of mobile betting. Among the newest innovations is the addition of electronic sports betting, which is taking the professional sporting world by storm.

In the past, people considered video gaming to be something only geeky kids enjoyed in their rooms. Nowadays, specialized video gaming is a flourishing industry. Famous players are hailed as celebrities in the US and Korea, earning millions and getting sponsorship deals left and right. Not all of these tournaments are available for betting yet, but there are companies changing the scene, like Betway and Pinnacle Sports, surely, it will only be a short while before video game tournaments will also be available for betting. This means the gap is going to be bridged soon. Players and fans alike of esports can make use of an esports betting guide to maximize their chance of winning. A basic understanding of esports paired with an esports betting guide can help gamers no matter how new they are to the game. The following guide covers everything, from the mathematics of betting to managing your bankroll. If you are skeptical about beating the bookmaker, this esports betting guide will change your mind.

There is no shortcut to being a successful gambler. Despite the large amount of materials that promises to help you become the best gambler, the most effective way is still hard work. Having an extensive knowledge about a certain sport gives you a head start but you still have to learn the basic of betting.

Betting Strategies

The most important ammunition a bettor should have is a basic strategy. These strategies are made up of some rules; these rules make up the basics of skilled sports wagering. A few of these rules are: (1) using cashout; (2) sticking with totals; (3) focusing on smaller tournaments and (4) placing small wagers on large odds.

Managing Your Bankroll

Proper money management is the reason behind a gambler's success. The rules in bankroll management include: (1) do not bet what you can't afford to lose; (2) stick to the limits you have set and (3) understand your needs based on what you are aiming to achieve. For those who have a gambling addiction, or who had one in the past, the best thing to do is to fix a limit on your betting account.

Selecting a Bookmaker

Since this is a booming market, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the number of bookmakers out there. Here are some factors worth considering when choosing where to bet: (1) security and reputation; (2) betting odds; (3) games offered for betting and (4) promos and bonuses.