Earn Real Compensation with the Slotland Affiliates Program

Slotland Affiliates was founded back in 1988 and is the WinADay Casino affiliate program of choice. Essentially, it is an online marketing program that allows our valued customers - and even those who simply want to make some extra income - to refer people to our site and earn royalties based upon what they spend. We know that there are a lot of programs like this one out there, but rest assured that ours is much different and simpler to understand.

First and foremost, all Slotland Affiliates get to choose the compensation plan that works best for them. While the traditional net earnings of up to 50% do exist, we take things one step further. We also offer a plan that allows individuals to earn 25% of their referrals' gross revenue, which can actually be a better option. This is because in figuring net earnings, things like winnings and chargebacks are deducted from the totals prior to figuring out the amount of commission that anyone has earned. This isn't the case when figuring gross totals, though, since winnings and chargebacks are never a part of the equation. In the event that someone finishes the month with a negative balance, this will be zeroed out that the start of the next month.

Of course, we wouldn't expect anyone to simply sign up and then fend for themselves. We know that advertising can be difficult, especially in today's internet-dominant world. We offer free logos, banners and ads that you can place on your website, and we also offer up plenty of tips for getting the name out there. Should you ever have any questions, our customer service and support staff is on standby to provide assistance. We also offer up detailed statements that you can view at any time and WinADay is a brand that is recognized all over the United States as being a fantastic venue that offers up fairness, security and an all-around excellent experience. If you're interested in making money with an existing website - or even if you want to delve into the online gambling world for the first time ever - we're here to help you succeed.