The WinADay Privacy Policy Will Ease Your Mind

We know that it's important for American gamblers to have a safe, secure place to enjoy all of their favorite casino games without being fearful of fraud, identity theft and spam. Because of this, here at WinADay, we have created this Privacy Policy to educate you of the ways in which your personal information will be collected, used and distributed. This way, you can feel at ease each time you visit our venue in the knowledge that we are always working hard to protect you.

First and foremost, we will gather non-personal information about you each and every time you visit our website by placing small files known as cookies on your computer. These files cannot identify you personally in any way, and they help us gather data we can use for statistical analyses such as the browser you are using, your operating system, the times and dates on which you accessed our site, the site through which you entered ours, and more. This information is shared with third parties (without being directly linked to you) to help us improve the quality of the products and services that we can provide as well as the ways in which they are delivered to you. Once you close your browser window, the cookie is automatically removed.

The next type of data that we will collect from you is personal information, but we will only do this if you choose to open an account with us. By gathering your name, address, email address, telephone number, bank account numbers and more, we are able to provide you with the services that you request from us. Some of this is taken to protect your privacy and ensure that your financial transactions are processed fairly. Other data is collected in an effort to verify your identity, ensure that you are of legal age to gamble, and to satisfy the requirements of the jurisdiction in which we are licensed. Our Privacy Policy also exists to let you know that none of the personal info we collect from you will ever be shared with any third party unless we are required to do so by law.