Back to Basics: Video Poker Online Games at WinADay

May 05, 2014

At WinADay Casino, we know that video poker online games are incredibly popular among people in the USA. They are quite simple to learn and provide a relatively high payout, so people who like to play by themselves feel right at home. There are many different variants out there from which individuals can choose and while some of these are relatively basic in nature, others feature wild cards and various other features that put a whole new spin on things. This means that even if you sit down for hours on end, there will always be something new here for you to discover. We've worked hard to put together a suite of all of the most popular titles for you to enjoy.

One of the main reasons why people enjoy video poker online games so much is that they have predictable outcomes. It has been determined by mathematicians that these machines have a return rate of between 98% and 99% when you use a perfect strategy, and these can be found all over the internet. Of course, this doesn't mean that you're going to get back everything you put in, nor does it indicate that you can't earn a sizeable sum of money during a session. Rather, this figure simply points out that over hundreds of thousands of hands, you're likely to break even in the end. There is a little luck involved, after all, and this is based upon the cards you receive. However, you'll have to make some smart decisions to optimize your odds.

Jacks or Better is the most common and popular version of this title, and we offer it in a multi-hand format here at WinADay to give you even more chances to win with every single hand. It follows the same set of rules as Five-Card Draw, but since you're playing against the house as your only opponent, the payouts only start when you are able to build at least a pair of Jacks. Like almost every other version of poker, the highest payout is realized with a Royal Flush, and if you placed the maximum bet on that winning hand, you'll win a huge jackpot.