Play Keno Online: Lessons for Beginners

May 15, 2014

People from all corners of the USA love to play keno online, and this is true for many different reasons. While there are people out there who love the challenge brought to them with titles like blackjack, roulette or video poker, others just want to make a few selections and relax. Here at WinADay Casino, we offer up several different ways to play keno online. This is a title that is essentially a combination of traditional pick-your-numbers lottery games and bingo, and it is something that has been enjoyed for literally centuries by people from all walks of life.

It is a lot like the lottery because you'll be required to purchase a card, or ticket, that contains the numbers one through 80. Your job at this point is to decide what your stake will be; this will determine the purchase price of your ticket. Then, you'll need to decide how many numbers you want to 'spot'. Thus, if you decide you want to try to pick out 10 numbers, this is called a "Spot 10". All in all, you'll be able to choose anywhere from one to 20 depending upon your preferences, but mathematicians claim that the best odds are produced when you choose between four and eight. Whether or not this actually holds true for you, we'll always provide a great payout percentage for this and all of our other titles.

The bingo aspect of the title kicks in once you've chosen your numbers. After you've made your selections, numbers will be pulled from a virtual hopper that is powered by our fantastic RNG, or Random Number Generator. This ensures that each and every outcome is completely independent of the next and that neither you nor WinADay has any control over the ones that appear. You'll mark these numbers on your card as they come up, and the more of them that you can successfully match, the more you'll win. In some cases, a jackpot prize may be available if you bet the maximum spot and hit all 20 numbers successfully. Though the odds of winning this jackpot are quite slim, the thrills are always there.